Wednesday, August 22, 2012

18 weeks

As I am writing this as Dan fills our house with wonderful smells of his chicken pizza! He makes a pizza with alfredo, chicken, spinach, and lots of cheese. It is so delicious. Baby sure thinks it smells great too!....It just got done and tastes amazing. I am so lucky to have him spoiling us :)  Today I have been craving lots of fruity, sweet things. Fruit, Jell-O, yogurt, juice, fruit snacks. Crazy food loving baby! The other night Dan and I were relaxing and I thought I felt baby... but it may have been just gas bubbles. I know that soon enough we'll both be feeling the baby- how crazy that will be.

Last weekend we visited Omaha to make the final preparations for our wedding next week and attend Mr. and Mrs. Josh and Ana Peyton's wedding. I can't believe we are just a short 10 days from our wedding. Seems like such a formality since we are already married, pregnant, with a house and a dog- but at the same time- so exciting! I only recently realized how much of a PARTY this shindig is going to be. After receiving RSVP's for a whopping almost 200 people, we are SO excited to celebrate with everyone next weekend.

Wally, our lab mix puppy, has been extra spoiled lately! We are starting to realize how important it is to spend leisure time with him now, but also to start preparing him for baby to arrive. I think he will feel very left out and be jealous in the beginning, but then he will love baby once baby is older and more fun! UPDATE: WALLY JUST GOT HIS BUTT SPANKED!!! Dan made this WONDERFUL pizza... which I was just raving about. Wally stood with front paws on the counter and ate 4 of the pieces! Our wonderful, delicious leftovers!!!! Ugh. We are so mad at him. Granted, we should have wondered about the missing dog and quiet kitchen, granted we should have put the leftover pizza away... but fact remains. We should not have to hide our food to keep the dog from being naughty! Good practice for kiddos I guess.

Weight gained: still nothing gained, but finally back to pre-pregnancy weight. Only up from here
Feeling: Great! Hungry alot more, which is a great sign. Also very lovey with Dan, wanting to hug him or be near him all the time. Crazy hormones.
Symptoms: Hungry, gas bubbles (or baby moving), growing baby.
How big is the baby? sweet potato (5.5 in, 5 oz)
Miss anything? Full night's sleep. I know this isn't likely to change anytime soon, but gosh do I miss sleeping for 12 hours on a weekend with no puppy waking us up, or late night potty breaks.
Cravings: Today: fruity sweet things. In general, just food. Great perk of being the prego lady at work- everyone is willing to share their lunch :)
Aversions: none!
Maternity clothes? Bought a maternity Husker tank, but no need for maternity clothes yet. I was even able to travel all Friday in my skinny jeans! Thankfully, loose, conservative clothing is the fashion in the south so I'll be able to incorporate alot of my pre-pregnancy clothes late into my pregnancy!
Stretch marks? Not yet. Hoping to gain gradually and minimize stretch marks from sudden growth, but who knows how it will go.
Gender: Baby is developed enough to tell by now, but our doctor doesn't screen until after 20 weeks.
Name picked out? We've discussed some. We'll get more serious about it once we know which gender we're narrowed down to.
Belly button in or out: Innie, but I've always had an inbetween belly button. It is an innie, but it looks like an outie... just deeper like an innie. At any rate, although I am at pre-pregnancy weight, the distribution is defnitely different and my belly button is more shallow- weird.
Looking forward to: Our wedding next week, football season, baby gender reveal, and starting fall/ maternity clothes soon :)

Below are some pictures to update from the past few weeks:

Still no bump at 15 weeks (8/1/12) 

How I actually looked walking around at 16 weeks (8/8/12) 

How I could suck it in at 16 weeks (8/8/12) 

Bump can't be hidden now! 18 weeks and +/- 0 pounds (8/22/12) 

New maternity shirt for this season... and still in my skinny jeans!

Wally being super cute and sweet before dinner... before being such a bad doggy! 

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