Thursday, May 9, 2013

4 months and some change

Working moms don't always have time for some things... like monthly updates to their blogs! So we're skipping 3 month update and lumping it in with 4 month update. Here's hoping I can keep this up on a semi regular basis...

Size: Clothes are 3-6 months. Our tall monkey is quickly outgrowing the length in many of these outfits, but still has room to grow in his tummy. Diapers we're still in size 2, but we can make the size 3 transition soon. At our 4 month well baby, Jax measured in at 15.2#, 26 inches. That's the 50%ile for weight, 85%ile non-corrected. If we correct for prematurity, our big guy is measuring in the 60%ile for weight and 97%ile for height!!! For any non-medical people, or non-parents all that number talk basically means we have a very healthy size baby! When you mix long baby with normal weight, that means he's long and lean. And still perfect. :)

Health: Jax is still relatively healthy, and no question he is healthier than if he was breastfed. Being in daycare creates the opportunity for repeat colds, and Jackson hasn't been immune to that, poor guy. One of his colds last month had lots of congestion, which backed up and led to pinkeye- so that led to antibiotic eye drops, but quickly resolved. Our newest, and scariest ailment resulted in a late night visit to the ER for a breathing treatment and RSV-negative bronchiolitis. Praise God he turned out RSV-negative AND we have great insurance that covers our expenses, including our at-home nebulizer. We don't have to do the breathing treatments anymore, but the lingering cough can last weeks, so we're still dealing with that. He spiked a fever after his 4 mo shots, but he was still our smiling, cuddly, lovey baby and only needed one round of Tylenol.  Again, we are so grateful for our healthy boy.

Sleep/Schedule: We occasionally have nights where we will get to sleep 6-7 hours, but most nights our routine has stayed consistent. Nighttime shower, play time with daddy, then nurse and bedtime. We wake again between 2 and 4, then back to sleep until 6:30am. For the most part, Jackson is like clockwork. It makes weekends hard when we want to sleep in, but makes it easy for us to know what to expect from him, as well as for him to know what to expect from his daily routine. As for napping, he gets a good mid-morning nap, and in the afternoon/evening he doesn't nap more than 15 minutes at a time. He's more of a cat napper like his mama in the afternoons, and a long sleeper like his daddy in the mornings.

Social: Jackson is doing great at his milestones, like holding his head up and tracking items. He is still very dramatic, and hates tummy time, but it's a work in progress. We have a very talkative 4 month old, and there's few things better then we he sees Dan or I, smiles, clasps his hands together and starts cooing and squealing. I know he has so many things to tell us, and I can't wait to hear them! Some of his new favorite games are peek a boo and standing man. He also LOVES outside, the sun on his face, wind, walks, his stroller, just pretty much anything outside. I am so excited to take him on long walks and play in the park/ at the beach together. Only in the last few days has he started to watch and smile at Wally. We know they will be best friends when our boys can play together.

Diet: Still exclusively breastfed baby, and that makes one happy mommy! My initial goal was to be able to breastfeed, then next goal was to maintain supply after returning to work, now the new goal is to make it to 6 months of EBF, hopefully then on to a year! So far so good. Part of breastfed babies is less stinky diapers and healthy BM's. Jax used to have multiple dirty diapers a day, and now averages maybe one per day but boy does he have gas! Our tootin' man can rip with the best of them, I wonder what on Earth he eats! We don't plan to start any foods until after the 6 mo mark, but I am so excited for when that happens. It'll be so fun!

Crying: In this aspect, we're lucky. Jax doesn't cry much, but he sure has a flair for the dramatic. He definitely will work up the tears and the crying when he wants something. Within a few seconds of being picked up/ soothed/ getting what he wants he's back to being calm and smiley. This is something we will need to work on and wean away, better now than later.

Milestones: Holding his head up, standing with assistance, tracking, laughing, cooing, kicking to roll over, self soothing to sleep, squealing and grabbing his hands- all milestones our little monkey has mastered.

Mom and Dad: We are used to our sleep routine, but we're exhausted all the time. We don't remember the last time we went to bed when we felt like, or got up when we felt like it. Between Wally and the baby, we are slaves to our daily routine. We live to get home and sleep. We sleep between feedings. It's becoming a blur, and as much as we love this stage of our family, we can't wait to sleep through the night on a regular basis.

We are constantly exhausted and it is definitely a challenge to schedule time for ourselves alone and as a couple. I still struggle with feeling guilty if I want to do something without our little monkey, but we are starting to find a balance.

Hormonal changes continue post partum. Newest change: hair loss. I've read about it, and I knew it was coming. But it's still shocking to see handfuls of hair come out post shower and everything I brush.

Another quick update for this family: Daddy will soon be returning to school to work in his Master's, and Mommy will be returning to Florida State University Panama City campus as a professor!

Other than that, we are good, healthy and happy. Totally in love with each other and with our baby boy. :)
Campbell Family March 30, 2013 at the Crossfit fundraiser Sara organized. We are so proud of her! 

Easter basket for a 3 mo old. The large eggs had socks and new pacifiers in them. 

Easter 2013

Road trip with my boys

Watching daddy pump gas

Attempting tummy time. It's like he's saying "no ma, I'm good."

Our dramatic man hates this one particular voice I do, so naturally I do it all the time and laugh at his sad face. 

Narcissistic baby loves his own reflection

Self soothing with that thumb, and working on rolling over. 

Morning before mommy left for girls weekend. Enjoying extra cuddle time with my little man. 

Boys loving on each other while mommy is away.

ER Breathing Tx for our big guy. 

More narcissistic baby loving his reflection. 

Jax loves family walks and the sweet hat Dan's mom gave him :)

Practicing sitting in the high chair. We sit here to watch mommy and daddy cook, or during meal times to get in the routine of high chair sitting. Pretty soon we'll add baby food to the routine! 

self soothing with whatever finger he can get into that mouth of his.