Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What's new:

Mr. and Mrs. 
Alot has happened since the last blog update! For one, we had our wedding in Omaha, NE Labor Day weekend. We had perfect weather, all the people we love the most there to celebrate with us, and of course we got to enjoy our dream wedding day! Everything was as picture perfect as can be. 

We honeymooned in beautiful Destin, FL along the white sand beaches and clear blue waters of Florida's Emerald Coast. We had a condo right on the waterfront, and since it was pet friendly we were able to take Wally vacationing with us! The first night we found a great pizza place with delicious food and cheap beer for Dan. It had an arcade, and we played for a few hours, then used our tickets to get a stuffed turtle for baby. We had a wonderful, relaxing trip unplugged and enjoying our family vacation! Unfortunately, Wally got a UTI towards the end of the week so our honeymoon week was cut short by a trip to the Vet, and that weekend my dad visited. 

Home Improvement.
Since the wedding our gift cards and financial gifts have been a sustaining resource as we start our home improvements. So far we've bought a trimmer, lawn mower, grill, hedge trimmers, new kitchen sink, garbage disposal, painted the living room, and Dan installed a new kitchen light fixture- bye bye florescent lights! We've also started brainstorming for the nursery and what we'd like to do with the landscaping of the house. 

Daily Life. 

The day to day routine of married life has started to settle down. Dan and I aren't getting much rest time between working, puppy classes, house updates, and the normal laundry, dishes, cooking, etc. Not to mention baby prep and wedding thank-yous. Dan helps with chores and meals, but occasionally when the prego lady plans meals, I get carried away. Tonight we had turkey meatloaf, mashed potatoes, broiled squash and zucchini, and crescent rolls. So good! 

Baby Campbell. 
Baby Campbell is a BOY! Dan and I are over the moon and we can't wait to meet him! We're narrowing down names, but in the mean time Baby and I are growing away. A few weeks ago I was starving and exhausted- so someone had a growth spurt! Below are pictures at 21 weeks that Baby is a boy, and 22 weeks showing my growing bump and our newly painted living room wall :) 

Baby owns my body.
So, the long awaited embarrassing story. First, baby has kicked me out of all pre-pregnancy pants, but dresses and most shirts still fit. I get reflux alot, and the yawns at work. But two days ago was a first! In the middles of seeing a client, I rolled my chair up to my desk to hear a loud "Faaaaart!" It was short, and loud, and I'm not sure the client noticed. I blamed in on rolling over something on the floor, and moved on with the interview- but then he started to be stinky! I never have noisy gas, so I wanted to laugh so bad, I had to wait until later re-telling the story to laugh. But yes, middle of work, in front of a client, baby and I farted. My body is officially not my own! 

Weight gained: Finally passed my pre-pregnancy weight- up two pounds! 
Feeling: Great! Tired and sore a lot, and my appetite is bigger than ever. Dan and I bought a pregnancy yoga DVD, so soon we will be starting to practice breathing and stretching to keep Baby and I healthy. 
Symptoms: Tired and sore. And maybe moody- ask my husband if that has kicked in. 
How big is the baby? He was as big as a papaya, but now he's as big as ear of corn! At our 21 week appt he was 8 inches and 14 oz. We are right on track and staying healthy! 
Miss anything?: A nice glass of wine with dinner. Everything else I am enjoying more than ever! 
Cravings:  Sweets. I've always been a sweets girl, but lately I've been craving carbs. I will say this: carrots are not satisfying when craving cake. And milk does not satisfy ice cream cravings.
Aversions: Vegetables. I have not been wanting them at all! I don't remember the last time I had the recommended servings of vegetables in a day. Dan and I are working on getting more veggies in each day. 
Maternity clothes?  Finally starting to transition into some.
Stretch marks? Not yet. 
Gender: BOY!!
Name picked out? Still debating between a few, but narrowing it down :)
Belly button in or out: A weird in between. I find myself staring at my half innie, half outie belly button while the alien living inside me moves my tummy all around. Weird. 
Looking forward to: Seeing our son again! And every time he moves. And sleeping on my back (if I'm allowed to sleep post baby). And not being gassy!