Friday, March 14, 2014

Doctors galore

So Isaiah James Campbell is here. His birth story and more details to follow. But for now just know that our oldest, Jackson, had tubes placed last month and Isaiah has reflux that required hospitalization for breathing issues last month as well. Between childbirth and two sick kids, we go to the doctor alot. Tonight I counted. Here's our list:

Jax Tubes pre op (a few hours after Isaiah was born and sent to NICU)
Isaiah NICU follow up
Jax Tubes appt- cancelled and sent to Ped
Jax Pediatrician for congestion
Jax Tubes appt- tubes placed
Jax Tubes follow up
Isaiah hospitalized for weekend, then hospital discharge follow up
Jax Tubes follow up
Isaiah Pediatrician for worsening reflux
*OB postpartum check
*2 mo/ 15 mo well babies and shots sibling visit

* appts scheduled in the next few weeks.

That's 11! Unless you count sibling appointment as 2, then it's 12. 12 doctor visits in 8 weeks. We are exhausted. Add to that an eternally cluster feeding newborn for comfort from reflux who needs to be held upright to sleep 24/7. Also add a 14 mo old who still doesn't sleep through the night. No wonder we feel so defeated. It seems never ending.

Praise God we have amazing friends and family who are so willing to serve us and help us, we would never make it through this without their help!

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