Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Special Day for Mom

This year was my first year having the privilege to celebrate Mother's Day, crazy to think I'll celebrate this day every year for the rest of my life. Here's a recap of how my first, very special Mother's Day went.

First, Saturday we demolished our kitchen. Like, literally we tore out the cabinets, counters, moved the stove, everything.

So, after understanding that we had NO kitchen, it makes this first part of Mother's Day extra special. Jackson and Wally woke up early, about 5:30am. Normally I try to allow Dan some extra sleep when that happens, but this morning he took the boys to the living room and let me sleep in- until 8am!!! That extra 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep was a Godsend. I woke up without an alarm, to the sunshine coming in through our brown curtains in the dark, cool bedroom. Ahh.... amazing. I then hear Dan in the kitchen puttering around, and Wally running in and out of the open sliding back door. I pull myself out of bed and wander down the hall to find Dan in our shambles of a kitchen, oven plugged in and slid to the middle of the room, cooking me pancakes for breakfast. Wally was frantically running around trying to get someone, anyone, to throw his Kong and play with him. Jackson was in his bouncer, telling Daddy everything about his morning and his dreams. The kid was talking more than we've ever heard before! He rambled on with his coos and ahhs and smiled when he saw me walk into the kitchen. The room was a little hazy and slightly smelled like smoke, which I later learned was a result of the first batch of pancakes- burnt to a crisp. I scooped up our beautiful boy and returned to the bedroom for diaper change/ get dressed/ Jackson eat breakfast, and Dan brought my golden and perfect (second batch) of pancakes to me in the room. Two blueberry and one banana chocolate chip. It was a perfect start to the day.

The next hour went per routine with us alternating playing with the baby while we got ready for church. We headed off to Sunday School in separate cars, and Dan told me when we arrived that Jackson continued to talk his ear off the whole drive. After Sunday School we left before service, the boys heading home, and me heading to an hour long massage Dan had booked for me!! I drove out to the shopping area by the beach (where we were when we went into labor with Jackson- such a fond memory) and headed for my massage while enjoying the warmth of the abundant sunshine. My massage went great, and was actually very painful and uncomfortable- in a good way. My massage therapist was able to pinpoint all of my stress spots, even in my pulled IT band, and work them out without mercy. I left the massage sore, dehydrated, and feeling gross as the released toxins flooded my bloodstream. Even with as rotten as I felt, it was such a treat and she did a great job.

I headed home to my boys, we grabbed a quick lunch of refrigerator leftovers before heading out for some essentials. 10 X 10 EZ canopy and a wagon (to be bought later) to head to the beach! That's right, abundant sunshine and a house under construction means we were free to enjoy the sunshine! Jackson did great at the beach, and wasn't sure what to think of the waves crashing up around his waist and face while he and daddy sat at the water's edge. Although our beach trip didn't last long, it was a great success!

That evening we grabbed a quick drive thru dinner and headed home to unwind and enjoy our time together before starting the rat race in the morning. Jax was talkative all night, and full of smiles and coos. It was the first day we've really had him talk all day. And blow lots of bubbles. It was a perfect, wonderful day and my boys made it very special for this mama. Dan has once again spoiled me, and set the bar high for future special days for each other :)



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